East Lake manages over 20 commercial properties throughout the Midwest. This includes two 100,000 square foot shopping centers. We work with our clients to ensure that they fully understand their facilities management alternatives and how their choices can impact their business.

East Lake also manages larger institutional facilities. Our cornerstone institutional management property is the new Chicago Midway Airport Terminal Building. As part of the joint venture Facility Services Professionals (FSP), East Lake supervises and manages all of the trades associated with maintaining the facility, including painting, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and custodial services. East Lake implemented a quality assurance program to give an objective view of the facility through intensive weekly inspections of the physical and custodial conditions that exist in the terminal. This proactive approach helps East Lake and FSP find concerns and address them before they become real problems.

East Lake Commercial Management specializes in

  • Negotiating contracted services for the best quality at the lowest price
  • Financial Analysis of operating costs including profit & loss variance, compared profit & loss, budges, and year-to-date reports, all prepared monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Developing systems to centralize, gather and organize facilities data and to institute appropriate administrative controls.
  • Creating and implementing a comprehensive inspection program
  • Performing OSHA health and safety reviews and procedural audits