Building Communities

As a minority owned business enterprise and manager of numerous assisted housing developments within Chicago’s inner city, we are acutely aware of the need to introduce programs permitting residents to overcome social, economic and other barriers and encourage their growth and development.

To address that need, East Lake proactively encourages self-sufficiency and the creation of jobs for inner city youth. This approach is indicative of East Lake’s commitment to responsible supportive services programs and is carried into every new project we undertake. Our community impact mission is to not simply provide quality housing, but also quality employment, skills development, and opportunities to local/small businesses within our communities. We have sought to provide jobs, contracts, and partnerships with other businesses within the communities we are invested in to develop ongoing economic capacity and opportunity.

We have also built many long-standing relationships with Local Advisory Councils, the Family Matters Organization, various community leaders and tenant associations or tenant groups.

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