For over 30 years, East Lake has delivered successful property management and development by focusing on the people who are our clients, residents, and team members. It has raised the quality of life for our residents, developed sustainable neighborhoods, and created long-term client relationships.


  • Marcus M., Former tenant
    East Lake we all at 1456 Oak Ave. so miss you. You are the greatest. The best, kindest, most attentive landlords ever. And dear Joe our Super is gone too.
    Marcus M., Former tenant
  • Angela M., Tenant
    I had the chance of meeting some of the staff last week. They are very pleasant to be around. The come on in type of company.
    Angela M., Tenant
  • Rashad Chamberlain, Previous Manager
    Being at East Lake has given me a chance to expand myself. I’ve had an opportunity to learn different things with all departments. I believe in the team.
    Rashad Chamberlain, Previous Manager
  • Calvin White, Former Operating Engineer
    East Lake is a great place to work. People are exciting, friendly, the job is different every day so you don’t get bored. I also like my constant paycheck!
    Calvin White, Former Operating Engineer
  • LaJeana Walls, Oversight Manager
    East Lake has allowed me the chance to use my common-sense approach while implementing new and creative ways to reach objectives set by the ownership and upper management.
    LaJeana Walls, Oversight Manager
  • June Siggers, Property Manager
    What I like most about my job is the interaction with the tenants, the seniors; I love the person-to-person contact.
    June Siggers, Property Manager
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