East Lake’s management mission is to deliver value to owners, to tenants, and to neighborhoods. We focus on quality of life, financial performance, physical condition, transparent reporting and regulatory compliance.We have a complete team of qualified management professionals committed to providing end to end property management services including financial systems, physical systems, compliance, leasing, and quality control.


10,000+ Units Under Management

East Lake manages a significant residential portfolio of market rate, subsidized, and mixed-use
properties, for both families and seniors. We aim to deliver a consistent level of service across
our portfolio while recognizing the unique needs and characteristics of each individual property.

Affordable Housing

We specialize in the management of affordable housing where we successfully navigate the
complex compliance environment to provide quality housing for low-income residents.


34 properties & 125 individual Tenants

East Lake manages commercial and institutional facilities. These properties include retail, office buildings, industrial and mixed-use facilities. We generate value by bridging creative leasing and financing strategies to bring critically needed services, businesses, and opportunities to neighborhoods.

  1. Shopping Centers
  2. Office Buildings
  3. Retail Buildings